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Working For Us

By dealing with an established and professional health care recruitment company, you can enjoy complete peace of mind. Our nurses are our reputation. We recruit the very best professionals who embrace our values and ethics. Each and every nurse is flexible, highly experienced in their field. At We Guard we are focused on providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.

To Our Clients

Care of the elderly is a specialist area, requiring properly trained and experienced staff to deliver everyday personal care whilst, affording dignity and respect for those who have become unable to look after themselves. Our expertise lies in providing the very best agency nurse at a short notice. With increasing pressure on staffing levels and putting patient needs first, a We Guard nurse is always on hand, to ensure the highest quality care to be delivered. We provide skilled, compliant and highly competent healthcare workers across the Kent, to an ever expanding spectrum of clients requiring the best clinical staff on a temporary basis. We Guard ensures that the people you hire are qualified, trustworthy and fit for your organisation. We help eliminate inefficiency and maximize the benefits that temporary staff can bring to your organisation. We guarantee a responsive and reliable service around the clock.

To our Staff

You can plan your agency work around your family, weekend and holiday commitments, because we offer longer and short term assignments. This also assures you of the most competitive rates over the longer term. We have open and honest communication and feedback system. By working with us you are working with a responsive and reliable service around the clock.


Frequently Asked Questions

We cover clients in an extensive area of Kent and rates differ depending on the exact care home and location so it is hard to give a one off rate here, however, be rest assured that our rates are one of the best in the county. Please give us a call if you want more details.

You certainly can. In fact using our app, you can pick and choose the shifts and we put you in full control of your availability and work.

Yes we give you the freedome to work which ever way you like. We can pay you whether you are on PAYE or work as self-employed, under an Umbrella company etc. and taxes and deductions can be managed appropriately.

Payments are normally processed and paid within 7 days. Sometimes they can be settled faster and processed within a week, but please don’t chase us asking for payments until after you have waited for a maximum of 7 days.

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